The Best Role Playing Video Games

Role-playing video games, also known as RPGs, are designed to immerse players in a fictional world. Players take on the role of a character and gradually strengthen that character through some sort of level-up system. The genre got its start in the 1970s with games like Wizardry, Dragon Quest, and Ultima.

When discussing RPGs, it’s important to note that there are several different categories within this genre. For example, western RPGs are usually based around an avatar character, while JRPGs generally feature a party of defined characters. These are some of the best role-playing video games in all categories:

The Witcher III: Although this is the third game in The Witcher series, many players were introduced to Geralt with this game. Based on a popular series of Polish fantasy novels, this game is known for its rich world and gripping side quests.

Earthbound: This Super Nintendo RPG is anything but ordinary. In fact, the original ad campaign declared that “This game sticks!” In the game, you play as a boy named Ness who has to fight back against an alien scourge.

Final Fantasy VII: This PlayStation game caused RPGs to surge in popularity, and it’s easy to understand why. The sci-fi story, which revolves around a band of eco-terrorists, still feels relevant today. In fact, a remake of this game was released to great fanfare in early 2020.

Dark Souls: This RPG series is known for being punishing. As you play through this game, you can expect to die again and again. The series offers incredible atmosphere, and the boss fights are unlike anything else in gaming.

Mass Effect II: Bioware is known for making involving RPGs, and this is one of their most popular choices. Mass Effect II is all about choices, and the decisions you make in the game have real consequences. While many people were unhappy with the way the saga concluded in Mass Effect III, Mass Effect II is still considered to be a masterpiece.

Undertale: In most RPGs, you’ll kill countless enemies before you reach the game’s conclusion. In Undertale, however, no one has to tie. It’s possible to end every battle peacefully. You can decide how you want to play this beloved game.

Nier Automata: Set in the distant future, Nier Automata stars a pair of aliens that are tasked with reclaiming earth for humanity. With gameplay from Platinum, this title is sure to impress. However, the gripping story and characters is what makes Nier so popular.